Friday, 2 March 2012

Truth about girls !


Hello people !
Grrrr... today was not a very good day for me as one of my patient was dead. Felt sorry for him. I was like Omaaiiggooddd... he's not there anymore ! Semoga beliau aman di sana. Dan kita kena teros kann hidup. okayy ? Chilll ^^

Then it getting better and better... keluar wad pukul 2.40pm and having lunch at 3pm... then grab my lappy teros online facebook ngan bukak blog, kept thinking what i am gonna post today. then i found this ! 
Dan aku pon tersenyum !. okayy back to normal dear, tapi inilah perempuan... tak boleh di nafikan bahawa jiwa seorang perempuan itu lembut walaupun luaran nyerr like ganass ! HeeHeeHee. Terimalah seorang wanita itu seadanya yekk... And for guys out there, don't u ever play the fool yaa... gggrrrrr

Well guys, you know how to treat a girls right ? So, please be nice, once you control their heart it will always be yours.

p/s: mulut ni asyik nak speaking je... tersampuk kot dengar doktor asyik speaking -.- '

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